Zero-b is Matej Rodela's portfolio - product design, service design and design management.
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This is the zero bullshit manifesto - a set of guidelines gathered through years of experience of working in design.

  1. Design should solve problems, not create them.
  2. Good design is honest. You should be too.
  3. You cannot not communicate.
  4. Don't do tomorrow what you can do today.
  5. Knowing and not doing is actually not knowing.
  6. Hope doesn't help, make sure things happen.
  7. Execution is key.
  8. Be on time.
  9. If it looks like a problem, if it smells like a problem, then it is a problem. Address it.
  10. Solving a problem requires a different mindset from the one that created it.
  11. Do not generalize.
  12. Estimation is the mother of all fuckups.
  13. Excellence is a habit, not an action.
  14. Simplicity doesn't mean absence of complexity.
  15. Do one thing well.